Agritex is a brand completely dedicated to agriculture. It includes products necessary on every farm, with the largest group represented by polypropylene cords.

The agricultural cords and ropes produced by Terplast Ltd. are applied in low-crushing presses and sheaf-binders, in high-crushing large presses, as well as in straw, hay or soilage balers. A wide offer of the manufactured cords guarantees complete adjustment of the product to the requirements of our end customers.

The strings and cords by Agritex can be found on most Polish farms, as well as all over Europe. Our customers include large distribution companies, wholesalers and gardening outlets, as well as private farmers.

The agricultural ropes by Agritex meet the most stringent standards of the European Union and have been issued the PN-EN ISO 4167:2006 certificate. In their production we use top quality raw materials from the best suppliers, and the technical parameters applied have been verified by detailed tests in our laboratory. It is important to note that products are environmentally friendly.

As a manufacturer with long-standing experience, we are able to produce PP cords with properties tailored to the requirements of any buyer.

To ensure the comprehensive supply for our agricultural customers, we successfully sell baling nets, haylage foils, and polypropylene bags approved for contact with bulk food products (grain, flour, groats, sugar, fodder, etc.).